martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

IU-Nerja in the Spanish Insight Magazine

My name is Telesforo Romero, I’m the candidate of the United Left-The Greens political party in Nerja, in the elections on May, 22th.

I am married with two children and teach physical education at the Joaquín Herrera School. For a long time I’ve practiced athletics myself and I also really enjoy riding
through the Natural Park on my mountain- bike, taking in the beautiful scenery we have around us.

I feel devotion for my village, Nerja, and I believe that it is extremely important to take care of our environment, fostering a sustainable development.
Within the politics we want to develop, there is total support for the different associations of residents, no matter what their nationalities, therefore making everyday life easier in Nerja.

We have a special feeling regarding the environmental and social politics, and among others, we are very keen on:

• Building a bus station, with a parking for 300 cars
• Improving the city bus department, with ecological vehicles, more frequent timetable and a night service.
• Providing a large area for leisure activities in “El Playazo” Beach, giving special relevance to culture and sports.
• Building the new health centre in Nerja
• Making drinkable the water of many urbanisations in Nerja, where more tan 5,000 people require this.
• Developing a huge recycling plan to collect all classes of refuse: oils, plastics, batteries, paper, and so on.
• Fostering the environmental care, erecting cycle ways in the village and recovering beautiful landscapes, as the waterfall
• Supporting a local market with ecological products and gastronomic fairs
• As in the last 20 years, we will continue struggling for the construction of the sewage plant in Nerja

We conform to a necessary political change to the benefit of all the inhabitants of Nerja. We are a group of young people, well-prepared, and very interested in a better future for our citizens and our village. There is another way of mixing politics and life for our future generations.

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